Born in Stockton in 1981, my wife and I moved to London in 2006 and then again to the Isle of Wight in 2009 But have now returned to our home town of Stockton on Tees.

I have been a creative from the get-go, starting at an early age with a pencil and paper, studying art and design at school and college and then later moving on to photography.

I constantly push myself to self-develop, learn new techniques, use new technologies and keep up to date with current trends. Always striving to achieve the elegance and beauty I desire from every picture.

I started my career in photography working for friends and family, I was rewarded with experience and the joy of seeing others enjoy my art. Starting with headshots then moving onto more adventurous portraiture. When I felt ready I moved on to helping young couples that couldn’t afford a ‘professional wedding photographer’

By the time we moved to London in 2006 my work was standing side by side with many professionals and my dedication to going the extra mile meant that my reputation grew quickly.

London was a happy time for my wife and I, my knowledge of photography & business grew exponentially. Along side weddings & portraiture, I spent some time photographing musicians, bands and continued to develop my style.

Then in 2009 we decided to embark on a new adventure, moving to the Isle of Wight. I started The Story House. The move to the island gave me the opportunity to setup my first dedicated home studio. The studio meant that in addition to my usual work I could also open up my doors to newborn & baby photography.

I love people, I love sharing in their happiness during key moments throughout their lives, I love watching as their families grow and I love making art for them to enjoy.

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