Commercial Photography - TheStoryHouse

Photography helps you to portray the very essence of your business and in many cases will be your first opportunity to make an impression on your clients.

The importance of your business to be able to connect with your clients is understood and I’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your imagery is staying true to your needs and tells your story clearly and precisely.

Corporate Story Telling will give an oversight of your business to your clients, through a series of photographs of your business in action we will show what it is you do and through prier planning I will portray any traits you associate to your business, professionalism, hard working, supportiveness and so on.

Corporate Portraits are portraits taken of an individual in their professional environment. A powerful way to portray a business is through the people making it what it is.

Product Story Telling will give an oversight of your products to your customers. From life-style shots taken on location, bringing your items to life to carefully thought out still-life arrangements using the latest lighting techniques and high quality imagery. The result will be striking, eye catching images.

Product Photography will give you an accurate representation of your products in high quality taken in a controlled studio environment.

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